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Car delivery

Would you like to rent our car, but it's not convenient to pick it up at our rental shop? No problem! We will deliver the car wherever you wish.

Free parking

Our company makes sure that you have as little hassle as possible and that's why our offer includes the possibility of free parking for your existing car for the duration of the rental of our car. Rent our car without the hassle of finding a safe parking space. We'll take care of everything.

Cleaning the car

Treat your car to wellness care. In addition to free parking, we also offer a perfect hand cleaning of the interior and exterior. We guarantee you'll drive away with a nearly new car.

Car service

Is your car waiting for a more comprehensive service and are you lost without it? No worries! We will repair your darling and rent another car from our offer during the maintenance period. Just choose.

Car rental with driver

We offer an exclusive car hire service with a professional driver to ensure you get a comfortable and stylish ride wherever you need to go.

Choose from our offer

Our car rental offers luxury and sports cars. Whether you want to go on a Euro weekend in the legendary "America" or you want to rent an iconic car for a wedding, anniversary or a great date, we have it all.